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Making Changes


You are invited to watch the following video to learn how to create a care facility that is welcoming to LGBTQI2S seniors

Pay careful attention to the four vignettes, approximately two-thirds (~24:00 min) of the way through the video, as they illustrate what can go awry when we don’t recognize and honour the differences between us.

After each vignette, you are invited to answer the following questions:

​1. What changes did the marketing director make to help Leonard and Joe feel more safe and visible?

2. What changes did the caregiver make to help Carmen feel more safe and visible?

3. What changes did the nurse make to help Rose feel more safe and visible?

4. What changes did the activities director make to help Lee feel more safe and visible?

5. What are some things you can do to intentionally create an inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQ2+ seniors?

Some unique considerations for trans seniors:

  • Older trans adults have had very different experiences than today’s trans youth

  • Unlike LGBTQ seniors, transgender seniors are not always able to “pass” or be invisible if they choose to live as their preferred/authentic gender.

  • Poverty and social isolation are even more common for trans seniors than LGB seniors

  • Trans seniors are a diverse group of people who have overcome many obstacles and challenges to live an authentic life!

  • LGBTQI2S Competencies

  • So, how do we affirm and include seniors of all different sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions?

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