The LGBTQI2S Dignity Project Website and Film Vignettes: were first conceptualized in February of 2018  at the “design jam”-style event focusing on LGBTQI2S health and wellness, and organized by a robust, cross-sectoral partnership between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)’s Institute of Gender and Health, EGALE Canada, Hacking Health, Rainbow Health Ontario, Cossette Health and the Michael Smith Foundation.


Filmmaking I learned can be a long drawn out process, with many starts and stops along the way. After failed attempts with two  production companies, I decided to take a community-based approached and this began by asking members of LGBTQI2S organizations around BC for script suggestions. We chose to develop “Never Married”, “It Still Hurts” and “Special Occasion” and I am pleased at what my team, entirely based on Salt Spring Island BC (this includes screenplay writing, directing, producing, props, filming/post-production, and the work of the actors), has produced. In addition to the films, much of the website is designed around a workbook titled “Inclusive and Affirming Care for LGBTQ2+ Seniors” which was prepared by Nicole Tremblay who delivers LGBTQ2+ sensitivity training in the Island Health region of BC.


Many thanks to all who put their time and energy into this project!



Robert Beringer (he/him)

CIHR Health Systems Impact Postdoctoral Fellow / Victoria Hospice & The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health,,University of Victoria